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New way to look to Geosciences to achieve assertive prospective models.

Geoscience data solutions for mineral exploration
See inside the earth with our eyes

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Geoscience data solutions for mineral exploration

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See inside the earth with our eyes



Is a Brazilian company specialized in geoscience data processing and integration applied to mineral exploration.

Management Team

They are the managers responsible for the projects.

Ingrid Gomes

Project Manager
“Our objective is to consolidate the integrated geosciences as an indispensable tool in mineral exploration through quality products that provide information to guide decision-making in our customers’ operation”

João Paulo

Technical Director
“Our objective is provide a service more and more complete and integrated through an extremely capable team. The search for excellence and innovation moves me and GSM brings this in its essence”

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At GSM, we understand the importance of integrating QHSE into our services to provide our clients more than high quality products, but a complete solution with added value.

Safety, quality, health, and environmental responsibility are our pillars to create sustainable outcomes for our clients and society as a whole.

We have established policies and procedures that respect each of the four components of QHSE, and we regularly review and update these policies to ensure that we are continuously improving. For us , these are not rules , it is culture. 

Our entire team is in compliance with our QHSE policies and procedures, and we encourage them to report any safety or environmental concerns they may encounter while on the job.

We offset our carbon emissions


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