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Reprocessing to extract more elements

Advances in processing and imaging techniques, combined with increased compute power, mean that we can extract more details from existing geophysical data.

Revitalizing existing targets using previous or public data brings an alternative to new acquisitions or even focus the next program in an assertive location. 

New tools like filters, inversions, structural analysis steps may not have been produced at the time of original survey and they can bring important details if used nowadays. For example, a monogenic filter if applied to magnetic data can improve structural knowledge. Information from boherole performed after processing can provide important information for new inversions with linkage, providing more realistic and valuable models.

When the time to achieve results is critical, reprocessing of existing data can provide the solution as the work can start at any time.

Reprocessing &
Data Enhancement

Full Database Analysis

Processing and compilation of multiple databases

Work with databases involves the processing and analysis of large volumes of data at different scales taking account the main goals of the project. 

The efficiency to integrate geophysics, geology, geochemistry, remote sensing, and structural informations depends on the speed and the knowledge of these processes.

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