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GSM is committed to helping our customers achieve full knowledge of your geoscience data. This is the key to salve money and time in your exploration mineral program. After years working applying geoscience to different stages of exploration process and working with different types of deposits and mineral systems enable us to evaluate, integrated and interpretate the earth responses that will locate and dimension your targets.

By providing a clear outlook of the options available to you, backed by data, evaluation and insight, we work with you to maximize your resources and achieve outstanding results from your assets.

How we add value

Feasibility geophysical application studies

Help our customers to define the best method and  the most efficient survey layout. Integrating the understand the geologic background, the physical responses of the subsurface, desired resolution, budget, turnaround time and get the most efficient and effective survey.

Exploration program implementation and strategies

Define exploration programm and strategies to implementation to get best results with less time, costs and risks.

Technical Reports Evaluation

Evaluation of old technical reports. Tecnologie changes, the knowledge about the subsurface evolves and interpretation depends of the experts that made it. So, GSM reviews previous works and guarantee that our clients receive the best product they can.

Technical Visits

We strongly believe in the power of face-to-face discussion, knowledge sharing happens more efficiently.  Face-to-face consulting has become one of our main means of getting to know our clients’ needs and helping them in a more complete and direct way.

Workflows reviews

Support in reviewing processing flows and data acquisition in the search for more efficient processes.

Training & Courses

Staff development through training and courses of all geophysical methods applied to mineral exploration, theoretical and practical customized, depending on the client’s demand.

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