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Who are we

GSM emerged from the Brazilian market's need for quality consultancy in geophysical interpretation and inversion work. 

After years working in the private market with geophysics applied to mineral exploration, the experience and technical capacity joined as fuel for the search of the first works. GSM Geophysics was entering the market with the commitment to provide consulting in geophysical analysis  with excellence.

Since then, relationships of trust have been built and important partnerships have been established since the beginning and continue to this day, bringing us a satisfaction and certainty that we are on the right track.

We evolved to serve our customers, and to continue to share information that would bring value to the projects, we specialized in the most diverse themes that involved geology and geophysics, and in the use of tools that helped the processing and integration of data.

We have always believed in integrating geology and geophysics.

Without geology, our products become just numbers. We believe that more important than integrating is knowing how to share in a simple and clear way. This is our role and our new brand has arrived to reinforce our values. 

In this exploratory scenario, where targets, budgets, production and time walk hand in hand, GSM Geoscience reformulates itself  to be able to provide in a more complete way, the service of geoscience data integration to achieve more and more assertive predictive models.

Geophysics, geology, geochemistry, drilling data and all products capable of adding value to the understanding of subsurface deposits, now walk with a team of experts who together have the goal of achieving more knowledge and extract the best from them.

We are always in constant evolution and with respect for the individuality of each client, we will always seek to share technical knowledge and achieve our objectives more efficiently.

Our mission

Overcome the expectation of our customers, delivering products with high quality standards, that add value and contribute to geologicals knowledge improvement of deposits, from greenfield to mine implementation.

Our vision

Be the reference company in geoscience in South America, recognized by customers and employees due to the quality of our solutions and products delivered and contribute to a more sustainable planet through our internal actions and through the impact of our work in the exploration of mineral resources.

Our values


All products delivered to our client have  high quality standards. Overcome expectations is our goal.


To be in the top demands innovation and technical excellence, it is our north.


To Respect our clients, employees and laws is our business guidance.


The safety in our operations is mandatory. We have to return to our homes and for who we love.


We are committed to do our job and influence everyone around us to have sustainability behavior. From small actions until full behavior.

Management Team

They are the managers responsible for the projects.

Ingrid Gomes

Project Manager

“Our objective is to consolidate the integrated geosciences as an indispensable tool in mineral exploration through quality products that provide information to guide decision-making in our customers’ operation.”
Graduated in geophysics from USP, started as responsible for seismic projects in Oil&gas industry. Since 2017 at GSM, the project management including operation, financial side and client contact are my responsibilities. Have been working with data processing and quality control of magnetic, gravimetric, BHEM, IP and AMT data since the beginning.

João Paulo

Technical Director

“Our objective is provide a service more and more complete and integrated through an extremely capable team. The search for excellence and innovation moves me and GSM brings this in its essence.”
Graduated in geophysics from USP, I started working with mineral exploration in 2004, . Between 2008 and 2015 I worked in big mining companies. During this period, I specialized in geoscience, mainly in base metals exploration and iron ore. In 2015 I founded GSM, since then I have been working coordinating the GSM technical team in the projects and in business developing.


At GSM, we understand the importance of integrating QHSE into our services to provide our clients more than high quality products, but a complete solution with added value.

Safety, quality, health, and environmental responsibility are our pillars to create sustainable outcomes for our clients and society as a whole.

We have established policies and procedures that respect each of the four components of QHSE, and we regularly review and update these policies to ensure that we are continuously improving. For us , these are not rules , it is culture. 

Our entire team is in compliance with our QHSE policies and procedures, and we encourage them to report any safety or environmental concerns they may encounter while on the job.

We offset our carbon emissions


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