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Improve resolution in BHEM data

BHEM has become an essential tool in the deep exploration. BHEM measurements can be used to search around boreholes for off-hole conductors or to define the extent of in-hole conductors, detecting, locating and characterizing them.
BHEM measurements are now routinely done over a frequency range not done before, and the progress achieved can be measured in the significant improvements in the measurement technology and interpretation tools used.

GSM provides a reliable, efficient and safe operation through a full EMIT system:SMARTx4 transmitter and  DigiAtlantis probe. 

The DigiAtlantis system represents a new generation borehole EM system with 24-bit, rapid, simultaneous sampling of the magnetometer’s three components to improve data quality and significantly increase efficiency.

Our main numbers in 2022:

More tham
0 m
acquired without accidents.
0 m
was our record in just one day acquiring with 30Hz. 
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was the longest borehole.
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was the best production for a month.


Density contrasts uncover geological knowledge

Knowledge about gravity allows geoscientists to create models on density distribution in the underground and thus on the build-up of the earth’s crust.

Gravity surveys can detect Volcanic Massive Sulphides deposits associated with nickel deposits, diamond bearing Kimberlites and banded Iron Formation. It is a good method to determine the size of the deposit. For geological Mapping, gravity can be used to complement the results of geological mapping

Using CG5, GSM has achieved great results regarding quality and production. 

Gravity surveys can be a useful tool to understand structural and distribution of rock with density contrasts and its simple logistic  and fast acquisition (if we compare to other methods) make it a key in the way to improve geological knowledge of mineral deposits.

Soon MAG by drone with GSM standards

With the same commitment to quality and efficiency as our acquisitions, GSM is preparing to start drone magnetic acquisitions. Contact us for more information.


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